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Enjoy the height of luxury with a premium dining marble table. 

We at Decasa Marble are the experts in producing premier dining marble table furnishing for your home. Bringing you the refined craft of marble book matching art to your home’s interior design in a wide-range of selected dining marble tables and designs. 

If it’s one thing we believe in, it’s the fact that a dining marble table can immediately enhance the look and feel of your personal space. Be it a rectangle or round dining marble table – adding one in your house can change the atmosphere – creating a more luxurious feel to the setting. 

The reason why dining marble tables are so popular is because it can withstand extreme heat, has the lowest form of maintenance, and it’s the highest and most sought-after beauty option for a kitchen countertop. Dining marble tables are versatile enough to not detract the overall look of your kitchen – allowing it to tame bold colours in a room.

Have a bold, green accent wall and not sure which dining set to include to make it look even more lush and luxurious? A white dining marble table can do the job, tying the look of your room harmoniously. 

This is why we at Decasa Marble appreciate the beauty of dining marble tables as it is truly the ultimate form of beauty.

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The Style You Want

We offer a wide-range selection of dining marble table and designs 

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Say goodbye to stubborn stains on your natural dining marble table

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We provide door-to-door delivery for your dining marble table in the shortest possible time frame

Our Portfolio

Over the years, Decasa Marble has been working with our clients in producing the best dining marble table that they can have for their space. 


Marble Quarry

October 10, 2019

Premium Dining Marble Table

Historically, marble has been used for floors and buildings but over the years, it became a fashionable material for tables. We at Decasa Marble is the leading dining marble table manufacturer in Malaysia with over 30 years of experience in dining marble table manufacturing. 

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Keeping Your Marble Dining Table Clean And Looking Like New

There are some steps that you have to take if you want to make sure that your dining marble table lasts you for a long time. We are here to share with you some neat tips to make sure your piece lasts a lifetime.

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