Dine in Style with this Round Black Marble Dining Table

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The beauty of Black Marble

There are range of black color marbles. Each black marble has its unique story waited to be told on how the texture permanently forms through pressure, heat and time. For something minimalistic black, you can choose Black Marquina. You may also select Silver Perlatino as your next marble table if you prefer something with the bold white vein.

There is no one authority deems what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. It is an aesthetic judgement call.

Dine in Style with Marrone

Marrone has white and maroon veins that densely distributed on this black marble. Make this round dining table to poise as the centrepiece in your dining area.

If you are into dense marble vein, Marrone helps you tick the box. Here is a good look on Marrone Slab before we fabricate into a black round marble dining table.

Marrone matched with Solomon (hairline)

Ying and Yang

Contrast with the light colour marble floor; the dining area creates its own atmosphere. This black marble table also eases and harmonise the tone. It symbolises a Ying and Yang overall effect for the perfect home setting.

From Marrone Slab to Round Marble Dining Table


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